Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Final Animatic

Here is our final Animatic sequence for the animation. The animation sequence in the middle will be different in the final one, we just found difficulty showing it with still images. Also we now have a name for the animation as well as our characters.

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  1. Hi Alex, hi George,

    Just a couple of observations: because of the logic of your world - telephones as people - I'm just wondering when we see the 'nerd' character and we see the cogs in the human brain - should these actually be telephones too? Like an anthropomorphic iphone as 'the geek'? for example? It might not be important, but worth some consideration. The other thing your animatic is missing is additional sound effects; for example a toilet flush after we see the toilet, and all the other opportunities for sound design suggested by the materialisation of the various different images etc.